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The Symposium will be held in the East Lake International Convention Center in Wuhan, China.

The address is:

East Lake Hotel - East Lake International Conference Center, 82 Huangli Road, Wuhan(next to Hubei Provincial Museum)

武汉市黄鹂路82号东湖宾馆-东湖国际会议中心 听涛2号区(湖北省博物馆前右转)

Download instruction for taxi drivers here.

Internation Travel:

There are direct international flights from major US, European, and Asian cities to Wuhan Tianhe Airport. Non-stop flights are available from Hong Kong, Moscow, Osaka, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei. You may also fly to major Chinese port cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and then take domestic connection flights or fast trains to Wuhan. Travel time from Beijing or Shanghai to Wuhan by fast trains is about 4-5 hours. Local transportation between train stations and airports normally takes 1-2 hours.

Domestic Travel:

There are nonstop flights from many major Chinese cities to Wuhan Tianhe Airport. There are three major trains stations in Wuhan (Wuhan Station, Hankou Station and Wuchang Station) with direct fast trains connections to major Chinese cities within 5 hours.

A good web site to search for flights within China or originating from China is Another reputable and good web site for booking domestic flights and train tickets is:

Advice on traveling to Osaka from Wuhan:

(1) There is only one airline flying nonstop from Wuhan to Osaka: Spring Airline Tickets are quite expensive at this time now.

(2) As of today (Aug. 20), there are a few flights by China Eastern Airlines with a short stop in Shanghai. Many other flights require much longer layover time during the transfer. Flight delays in China during summer time are very common (therefore poor rating). Things will be better by the end of September.

(3) There will be more options if you buy two separate tickets for Wuhan --> Beijing or Shanghai and Beijing or Shanghai --> Osaka. The tickets will be more expensive. Make sure you have enough time to transfer (you have to exit the terminal and check-in again). People do this all the time. If you decide to take this option, make sure take the first early flight from Wuhan --> Beijing or Shanghai. These early flights are less prone to delays therefore you wouldn't miss your next flight to Osaka.

(4)One can also take nonstop flights from Wuhan to Hong Kong or Seoul, and then fly to Osaka from there. This might require you to buy two separate tickets (therefore more expensive)

(5)If one wants to be safer with flight arrival time, one can consider flying (or take the fast train) to Shanghai or Beijing on the evening of 26, stay one night at a hotel at the airport and then take a flight to Osaka the next morning.